Feb 8 2021 

Responsible Cities Political Action Committee Endorses Mollie               Ward For  Bloomington City Council Ward 7 Alderman

It is wonderful for all Bloomington citizens, especially Ward 7 residents, that five fellow citizens have stepped forward to run for Ward 7 Alderman. After our interviews with the 3 candidates who accepted the opportunity to visit with us, we strongly endorse Mollie Ward.
While all the candidates for Ward 7 Alderman who met with us wish to represent their neighbors in a positive manner, Mollie Ward is best positioned to provide this representation. In her professional career, she has developed skills necessary to interact in positive ways with all of her constituents, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum.

Ms. Ward was appointed by the Mayor November 9, 2020 and confirmed by a 7-0 vote of the council. She is committed to supporting programs and policies that would benefit Ward 7 and is also committed to community development. She has a practical view of how Tax Incentive Financing ought to be employed and would balance new business attraction efforts with support of local, especially minority-owned businesses.

We also interviewed Ward 7 candidates Mr. Daniel Freburg and Ms. June Peterson-Middlebrooks. We applaud the willingness of Mr. Freburg and Ms. Peterson-Middlebrooks to serve their community. We urge city leaders to take advantage of their desire to engage by appointing them to any of the many boards and commissions that address important issues facing the community.

Ms. Ward is well qualified and has already demonstrated she can build consensus among her council colleagues. Responsible Cities strongly recommends Bloomington voters elect Mollie Ward their Ward 7 Alderman.