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One Piece Episode Of Nami 1080p Latest




not so cool Posts : 537 Subject: Re: Anime-Planet and Royalty Free Music Thread [10/18] Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:49 pm Oct 18th now til 2019 Fan-fiction (and fan-tales for that matter) are by their very nature, high-schoolish. High-schoolish, because the author is dependent on the audience members, and high-schoolish because the author is a student of the High-School Universe. When the author is f*****g me off, I may not care for the character/situation/story as much as I should, but I will stick around (ahem, fan-fiction), simply because I am a student of the High-School Universe. As such, I find myself enjoying a story because it makes me happy. In this situation, why would I lose any respect for the author? I bring this up because I have a habit of f*****g fan-fics (and fan-tales for that matter) off. I have a habit of writing fan-fics to the point of some character/situation/story becoming my own. This has happened before, and will again. Because fan-fics and fan-tales are High-Schoolish, I do not have to respect the author, per-se. However, I do have to respect the story, the world and the artist/author's imagination. If I don't respect the story, the world or the imagination, then I have no right to write fan-fics. As I was saying, I'm a High-Schoolish fan-fiction writer. As such, I often have a hard time respecting the author, and I'm not perfect at it. However, I've written High-Schoolish fan-fics that have had very little thought put into it (honestly, the most time I spend on a fan-fic is going to the bathroom/making a sandwich or a drink), and yet, I enjoyed them. I enjoyed them because I was happy. Because I liked the High-School Universe. I have done it so much that I've seen the world through the eyes of a High-Schoolish writer. I can't stress how High-Schoolish it is. It's High-Schoolish because if I was a High-Schooler, I would act and think like a




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One Piece Episode Of Nami 1080p Latest

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