Feb 11 2021

Responsible Cities  Endorses Candidates for City of Bloomington Municipal Elections

Voters in Bloomington have choices in all but one of the six municipal positions up for election April 6, 2021. Responsible Cities reached out to all seventeen candidates and endorses Mike Straza for Mayor and Jaime Mathy (Ward 1), Sheila Montney (Ward 3), Mollie Ward (Ward 7), and Jim Fruin (Ward 9) for City Council.


Mike Straza expresses a common-sense approach to economic development and strong support for small businesses. He is well-rounded and will lead the city forward while being mindful of its legacy. 


Incumbent Jamie Mathy is proactive in his approach and has already demonstrated he knows how to work with diverse colleagues to move the city forward.


Sheila Montney is extremely well prepared and has a sound vision for the city’s future and can navigate the potentially contentious issues of local government. 


Jim Fruin is one of two well-qualified candidates in Bloomington Ward 9. With over two decades of elective experience, he exhibits calm demeanor, independence, and the ability to see the complex issues, and therefore earns our endorsement. Tom Crumpler is also qualified for election.


Responsible Cities makes no endorsement in Bloomington Ward 5. We have already endorsed Mollie Ward in the Bloomington Ward 7 primary on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.


Mayoral candidate Jackie Gunderson and council candidates Willie Holton Halbert, Nick Becker, Daniel Freburg, June Peterson-Middlebrooks, and Crumpler have all demonstrated willingness to serve their community. We urge Bloomington’s leaders to take advantage of that by considering appointing them to city boards and commissions.