Candidate Questionnaire

1. What is unique about our community that makes you enjoy living here?

2. What community service roles have you held, and what did you accomplish in that service? 

3. What is your vision for our community and how does your past experience qualify you to execute this vision?

4. What is your understanding of the role of the office you are seeking and if (re)elected, how would you build consensus and foster teamwork with other elected officials? 

5. What top three priorities compel you to seek office? 

6. How would you encourage diversity in municipal government, boards and commissions to better reflect the community at large? 

7. What role do economic development tools have in building a vibrant and sustainable community? 

8. Based on your knowledge of an issue, how would you handle constituent feedback that may be contrary to what you believe is in the communitiy's best interest? 


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