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Who We Are

Responsible Cities is a political action committee formed after the April 2019 election by citizens of Bloomington-Normal, IL. We come together to help elect leaders in non-partisan municipal elections who are dedicated to building on the existing high quality of life in Bloomington-Normal that various governing bodies have helped to build.

We believe leadership makes a difference —for better or worse —and we want our collective efforts to result in an improved quality of life in our cities.

​We are made up of proud citizens of Bloomington-Normal who see historically low turnout in non-partisan municipal races as evidence of a lack of awareness about the impact of these elections on the lives of community members. To be clear: this is where your vote matters most.

More than moving left or right, our priority is moving forward—responsibly. We support candidates who will unite people, work well with the rich diversity and neighborhoods of Bloomington-Normal, advocate for economic growth, and lead social change. If you share these values, please donate or contact us to learn about other ways to support the effort.

2024 membership


Vicki Varney, President

Vicki Tilton, Vice President

Pat Peterson, Secretary

Bob Broad, Treasurer


Frank Beck

Dylan Broad

Abby Gros

Paul Harmon

Julie Hile

Jan Hood

Lizzy Johnston

Uma Kailasam

Lori Laughlin

Terry Lindberg

Sonja Reece

Alan Sender

David Shields

A.J. Zimmerman

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